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S House

S House

Type – Residence

Architecture : Zisis Papamichos

Place –Dervenohoria Attiki

Client – Privet

Year – 2013

Surface: 800sq.m.


Located in the prestigious residential area Dervenohoria in the southwestern suburbs of Attiki,the S-House is a residential complex of a buildings with total surface of 800 m2.


Following the clients wish, the L-house is oriented to have views overlooking to the forrest. The main concept is based in the introversion of the complex, using an L shape for the design of the master plan. The building is a 3level residence with an internal staircase that connects the basement where the parking is placed with the playroom and the spa area with the main residence floors. In the ground floor are placed the offce , the kitchen the dinner area and the living room. In front of the living room is a pool placed in a beam shape. In the first floor the bedrooms are placed.


The complex is composed of:

-Main 3 floor residence

-Indoor Pool and spa building



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